October 26, 2014

Well, this blog is all about Grandma Annie.  Grandma Annie, may she rest in peace, is my maternal grandmother.  She was and is the foremost person in the history of my entire life who championed me no matter what. 

So this blog is for her. 

Let me try to encaps...

October 23, 2014



On the Dawn of Another National Tragedy


This is sunrise this morning.  The beauty and captivating awesomeness of the colors, of watching the sun quickly rise, peeking out from behind the mountains as it spills its golden light onto the world…How can one not fee...

October 19, 2014

Last night, I don’t remember at which point – whether it was bedtime, or one of the other two times I was lying with my three year old putting her back to sleep after stomach pains and bouts of throwing up – but she turned to me with her sweet sleepy face, and said, “Y...

October 12, 2014

I love the outdoors.  It’s in my blood, this love for nature.  It comes from my father, and my maternal grandmother.  The ability to simply look around me and be filled with wonder.  Right now, I sit outside on my porch, at my brand new garden table, a scented candle...

October 5, 2014

So, there are different ways we respond to the challenges that come up in life.  Knee-jerk reactions.  This is not necessarily the way we respond to every situation, but how we respond most of the time.

The first type of person’s knee-jerk reaction to something bad...

October 2, 2014

This is a special edition blog, inspired by the coming of Yom Kippur, the High Holy Days’ fast, and the beginning of Autumn.  This time in the Jewish calendar is a time of introspection, as we look at the new year and decide what we want to improve on from last year....

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