This is what we have been working up to these past few weeks.  The crux of all this talk about masculine and feminine energy.


Here it is. 


When we are putting on masks, lifting up tools, compensating, we are exhausting and depleting ourselves without knowing it.  When...

We are interrupting our regularly scheduled program to bring you a special update.  I have taken a break this week from the feminine/masculine energies series to talk about a special woman, Ruth. 


We have just finished celebrating here in Israel the Jewish holiday...

OK.  So now that we have created an awareness for our masculine and feminine sides, let’s talk a little about what it does to someone to be living not in their natural energy space.  And what it feels like to YES be living in that natural energy space.


Here’s my p...

Happy Mother’s Day

Well, Moms, I am not going to go on and on here about Mother’s Day.  For me, there is not just one day of the year that we should be celebrating our motherhood.  Every day is mother’s day.  Every day is a day to celebrate being a mom, celebrate our tr...

Here is what they never taught us in kindergarten, and if only they had….


They never taught us that when boys are involved in a project and don’t answer you that they are not ignoring you, they are simply focused.  They never taught you that if a girl starts talking a...

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