So here I am, sitting in Jerusalem, with the breeze flowing in through the balcony door, fresh air swirling all around me, and the only noise is the traffic on the street below. Ahhhhh. How did I get here? Well, there’s a story here.


It was sometime on Friday that I br...

A simple thank you just doesn’t cut it here.  Fathers everywhere – there is such a long list that we wish to thank you for, and I’ll start it here. Every family should add their own addendums as they see fit.


Thank you, Dad, for being the man of the house. It is not al...

How many of you have been taught that success is gained through hard work and difficulty? How many of you think true growth comes only through hard work and toil? How many of you see trials as these big challenges that need to be overcome? Success is only at the top of...

Ok, last one on Feminine and Masculine Energies, for now.


There was a point I wanted to make last week, but then the blog went in a whole different direction.  Only after I finished writing I was like, “Hey, this is different than what I thought I was writing about tod...

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