August 30, 2015

An end of the summer/back to school special.


So you are all expecting part 2 of the Leslie story, and if you want, I will publish it tomorrow or later this week. But today was such a day that I thought I would write about it and end of summer/back to school…stuff.



August 23, 2015

PreScript: I wrote this blog a year ago, a few weeks after I met Leslie. It has been waiting for the right time to be published, and now is the right time. I hope you are able to love and learn these lessons from this article, without having to meet Leslie herself. xo...

August 16, 2015

How often do you come across a situation you really don’t want to be in, or have an occasion you really don’t want to go to, and as you are going through it you are thinking “Ughh” the whole time? You have an errand to run and you pull yourself out the door to do it, o...

August 9, 2015


There have been requests coming in for tips on being organized and efficient. With the summer half-way over and people getting organized for back to school and last minute summer projects, I figured this is the appropriate time for this topic.


Some of us are born with...

August 3, 2015

Here is a story. I am not sure what lessons will come from it at the end of this blog. For now, I just know I need to tell it.


Let’s start with Friday. We came back on Thursday from a family vacation and were leaving again on Friday to go to Jerusalem for Shabbat. Laun...

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