December 28, 2015

That is life. A patchwork quilt.


In our youth, the people we grow up with, those who are present in our lives on a regular basis, they weave together into a habble-scrabble of a quilt. Perhaps they all look similar. Or perhaps they are from a range of ethnicities and r...

December 22, 2015

We are in the United States for a week to join in a family celebration. Lots of family time and being in my childhood home has triggered this particular blog. As a mom, as a blogger, as someone who promotes calm and healthy lifestyles and habits/patterns, the importanc...

December 13, 2015

Well, yesterday was my birthday.


Not just any birthday. The big 4-0.


That’s it. According to some I am leaving my youth as I know it behind me. Reached the peak and now it is maybe a plateau before the downhill roll. But not according to me.


No, not according to me.



December 9, 2015

I have written before about our blueprint. The goal we were born to achieve. The Me we can be.


And I have written before about how we get there – by simply surrendering.


By realizing that we are already all we are meant to be, we simply need to open up to it.


And how d...

December 6, 2015

With the right friends, we can do anything in this world.


When we are on our own, we can accomplish. Perhaps even all that we can accomplish if we have support. But it is ten times harder.


When we have the right friends, however… with the right friends, we can conquer...

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