In this four week journey, we will discover the four elements - Air, Water, Fire, and Earth - and how each of these elements/energy types effects who we are. We are all made up of all four of these elements, but usually with one dominant energy type. Knowing and understanding your dominant energy type is validating, empowering, and eye-opening. It can literally change your life, and how you view yourself. Using the information you will gain in this journey of discovery, you will have great insight into your children, partner, colleagues, or employees. As a healer, the information provides a powerful tool to help you understand your clients. 

Four Elements Awareness Journey

  • This course is based mostly on the work of Carol Tuttle and her book The Child Whisperer. Highly recommended reading. 

    The course is delivered via closed Facebook platform, where Devorah will personally be teaching you the information about these four elements and how they will enhance your daily life and relationships. Posts, livestreams, demonstrations, and ways to support and empower yourself with this knowledge are all included, as is continuous online support.