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Heart & Throat Chakras

Heart & Throat Chakras


This is part of the Chakra Healing Series. The Heart Chakra (Chakra number 4) is the life force of the body and, therefore, if it is imbalanced, it is likely to effect the whole system. When balanced, the heart knows clearly what it wants. This can then be expressed through a healthy Throat Chakra (Chakra number 5).

Pink Bacopa offers continuous small doses of love to infuse the heart with constant love. Diascia opens the heart and allows it free expression. Magenta Orchid clears tensions from the throat and mouth so that expression can happen clearly, with love and ease.

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    This is part of a greater Chakra Healing Series. If you are familiar with Chakra healing, feel free to navigate the sets in the series yourself. If you are unfamiliar, then I recommend following the series in order. Start with the Lower Chakra Series #1, then the Heart & Throat Chakras, and then the Upper Chakra Series. Spend one to four weeks with each essence before you move on.

    All bottles in this set are Dosage strength, 30 ml.


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