Workshop in the Living AWARE series: Conversations with my Womb. 

In this 60-90 minute workshop, Devorah Harow - holistic practitioner and founder of the Beit Roga Wellness Center - will guide you in an intuitive technique that encourages body awareness, helps decrease/disappear menstrual cramps, can heal generational and current uterine traumas, and prevent illness/lack of well-being of the female anatomy.

Time: to be announced

This workshop is for women of all ages, starting from the age of 18. Menopausal, Post-menopausal. Women who have birthed children, and women who have not.

Traumas held in our uterus, or any other parts of the female anatomy, can lead to distress in many forms. Painful menstrual cramps, miscarriages, breast infections or growths, and more. Healing these traumas, from our own experiences (conscious or subconscious), or from the experiences of our mothers and grandmothers, can heal us, create harmony in our bodies, and prevent further distress for ourselves and our offspring.

Living AWARE Workshop

  • You will receive a link to the Facebook platform for this online workshop. It is a closed and protected space - members and their comments can only be seen from within the group. Devorah will open the group a few days in advance and start the conversation around this topic. You will retain access to the livestream for one week after the livestream is aired.