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Lower Chakra Series #1

Lower Chakra Series #1


This is part of the greater Chakra Healing Series. The first in the series, this set helps to encourage healing and balance of the lower chakras - chakras 1-3. Red Sandevilla helps you to feel rooted and with two feet on the ground (Root/1st chakra). Wild Oat encourages connection to the energy of flow and movement and abundance which is inherent to the creativitivy and sensuality involved in the Sacral/2nd chakra. Wild Sage offers clearing and balancing of our Solar Plexus (3rd chakra), which is involved in our sense of self, and our ability to integrate and digest what we take in from life (physically - like air, food, water, pollen, etc; and emotionally - ie our experiences and reactions to them).

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    If you are familiar with Chakra healing, feel free to navigate through the greater series on your own. If you are unfamiliar, I recommend you start with this series, move on to the Heart & Throat Chakra series, and then the Upper Chakra series. Spend one to four weeks with each essence.

    All bottles in this set are Dosage strength, 30 ml.

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