Come join me for the unique and magical experience of making your very own bottle of nature's essence. I will guide you in the process - from choosing an element of nature that calls to you to support you, to creating the essence, understanding its power for you, and creating an intention for yourself to work with this element of nature. Your essence will be bottled and labeled for you to take home/to be shipped to you.

בואי לחוות את החוויה הקסומה והמיוחדת של יצירת תמצית פרחים. אני אלווה אותך בתהליך האישי של בחירת פרח/צמח/אלמנט מהטבע, יצירת התמצית, הבנת הכוח שהבחירה שלך מעניק לך, והכוונה שלך בשביל התהליך של ריפוי עם התמצית האישית שלך. בסוף נשמור את התמצית שלך בבקבוק שתיקח איתך הביתה.

Make Your Own Essence Workshop

  • During the workshop, I will explain Flower Essences, the process involved in recognizing the unique energy of a plant, and the bottling of an essence. I will give you a tour of Beit Roga's garden, and you select a flower, plant, or tree, based on what calls to you - catches your attention and won't let go. I will then make the essence for you as you watch the process and then I will bottle it for you and send it out in the mail to your address.

    Be sure to fill in your address and shipping instructions at check out.