In the second part of this Nature of Healing teaching series, we will cover the main meridian lines of the Meridian Energy system. The course will be 12 weeks for the 6 pairs of meridians that run down either side of the body - one week for each meridian line. The forum will be online - a Facebook private group for posting instructional videos, weekly livestreams via Zoom, and other information about the Meridians. You will have access to all of the material for a few weeks after the course as well, for your review. Questions and comments about the material covered will be answered in this forum, or in private chat. 

BONUS MATERIALS included in the price of the course: 

2 extra weeks to cover the central meridian lines of the Governing and Conception Vessels 

AND 4 10 ml essences of your choice from those discussed in the course (regarding corresponding meridian lines) that feel most resonant for you. 

Nature of Healing Part II Journey with the Meridians

  • This course is a continuation of the Nature of Healing Part I course that covered the Holistic Matrix, the Anatomy of the Physical and Energy Bodies (an overview), Chakras, Auras, and Color Healing. This course can, however, stand on its own. A background in the understanding of the holistic model of healing is good to have, but you can pick up on the main ideas discussed along the way.
    Payment can be made in up to three monthly installments.