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A Comma in Time

There is a lesson that nothing else teaches us quite like our youngest child does – and that is: We can not stop the progress of time, no matter HOW badly we wish for it. When we hold that child close and sniff her hair and try to hold on to that minute for just a little longer, the moment passes anyway. When we convince her to use the baby soap and wait until she’s her sister’s age to use the shampoo, we are trying to delay time’s passing.

But this is part of life. So we may cry when they go off to their first day of preschool, and we may lie in bed with them a little longer than necessary when we put them to bed at night. But we are not tricking time. We need to let time pass, and we need to let even our babies grow.

Life is a cycle. All of it is wondrous. Are we not stealing some of the wonder of later if we stubbornly hold on to now? Let it go. Take that breath. Celebrate the passage of time. Not mourn it. Live every minute for the fun and greatness of now, and then LET IT GO. And look forward to the next wondrous minute. Always find what to marvel over in this magnificent life, and there will always be new magic found.

So no, we can not stop time. Isn’t this a beautiful lesson? A beautiful gift from our beautiful youngest?

With love, and serenity,


Summer 2014 075.JPG

My "baby" showing off her backpack :)

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