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Hand Out The Hugs

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On the Dawn of Another National Tragedy

This is sunrise this morning. The beauty and captivating awesomeness of the colors, of watching the sun quickly rise, peeking out from behind the mountains as it spills its golden light onto the world…How can one not feel hope? Rebirthed on the dawn of this beautiful day.

A dose of calm and hope for this heart that is aching as another tragedy has befallen our nation. It is almost too much to bear. A three month old, killed by some misguided man who thinks that somehow, by murdering innocent people, he will get land. Does he not see that this is not working? Does he not see our hands clench tighter around our nationhood, around each other, as we come together more strongly in the face of his fallacies?

We are a nation that is in Post Traumatic Stress. Nightmares, panic attacks, physical wounds, emotional ones. We are all suffering as we simultaneously get stronger. As a people, as a nation, as the children of G-d.

TALK. PTSD is all over. It is in the ground we walk on, the air around us. In the people we meet throughout the day. The pressure, the vibrations, are there. Talk about your feelings. Talk about what you are going through. Talk about what you see others going through. Share with one another. Grow closer. Forge bonds. Let us carry this together, for it is on all of us. When we feel shoulders alongside our shoulders, the burden is somehow lightened. When we speak about the pressure that is building, some of it escapes and we are freer. Like steam whistling out of a kettle top, let some of it out. You will feel quieter inside, for sharing it.

Let us feel each other’s love, for that is what expels darkness. Let us come together for each other and show G-d that we can learn this lesson through love, and not pain. Give to the person next to you. Pay your neighbor a visit. Give out hugs.

Hugs. The human way of showing “I care”. I wrap myself around you and hold you as you go through this trying time. I will carry your burden with you so we can get through it more easily, together. My shoulder will absorb your tears, and we will use love to fight the darkness.

Feel it now. Feel my hug. Hold on to it. In this hug, allow yourself to feel everything you feel. Cleanse yourself of all the grief. Come back and take another one whenever you want. That’s the great thing about hugs. You never run out of them. There are always more. And you always get as much in return as you have given.

Give out hugs. Let’s conquer this pain with LOVE.

With much love, and infinite hugs,


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Please share so we can help each other heal, one person at a time, one nation at a time. Give out those hugs.

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