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Being True

OK. So now that we have created an awareness for our masculine and feminine sides, let’s talk a little about what it does to someone to be living not in their natural energy space. And what it feels like to YES be living in that natural energy space.

Here’s my personal story that I started sharing on Facebook…

“When I started increasing my awareness to my energies, and where I spent most of my time working from, I began to notice more and more how I worked from my masculine (and until this day I discover more ways I do/did this). I lived for the next challenge, I could stay focused for long periods of time, I had everything ‘handled’ and didn't need help. I was self-reliant, could protect myself, and didn't need others' unsolicited input.

(Sounds tiring and lonely, doesn’t it? Can’t help but add that in as I read this over…)

I was also chronically exhausted, and kept people at a bit of a distance. I was not going with the flow easily, and my energies got stuck often, resulting in fatigue, periods of low energy, and tight muscles. As relaxed as I could be inside, there was a restless nervous energy about me that sped up my caloric burn rate.

Bottom line - not a healthy picture.”

Over the course of the year, I have had many Ah-hah! moments surrounding this issue. For instance, all the feminine energy parts of me that had been stifled under all the masculine bravado coming out into expression. Like natural fluidity, go-with-the-flow-ness, more radiant and relaxed energy. Recognizing the exhaustion that set in when I focused for long periods. Resisting the temptation to take on a new challenge when my plate was already full. Living more in the details and present moment of everyday life, as opposed to living for the result/the end game. These moments of awareness were and are HUGE for me! They change everything!!!

Not only do they change my attitude towards the decisions I make on a regular basis, they change the way I am, my being. I am more ME than I was a year ago. Or, I should say, I am a more balanced ME. Instead of picking up compensatory masculine tools to get stuff done, I move into my feminine natural abilities and work from there. If that means pushing off a challenge, letting the house not be at 100% and being OK with it, deciding sometimes not to drive long distances (I find the focus required for long periods is tiring for me and makes my neck ache), being with my kids instead of cleaning the kitchen, allowing others to help and respecting their input, I am all in.

What does that equal? A healthier, more natural, more balanced-energy me. It means I feel more fulfilled, live more in the moment, and have more fulfilling relationships. Because I am more ME, others can relate more to and with ME, respect ME, love ME, and accept ME. When we are covering up who we really are, those closest to us may love the inner us, they just don’t see it. They relate to us, but since the true full us is partially covered, they can’t get to all of us – because we don’t let them. Often, it is the people closest to us that try to help us be our best selves, while we think we know better and keep on with our old and worn patterns. So when one enters more fully into one’s self, s/he allows others more access = healthier more fulfilling relationships. Those around you get more because they are relating to your whole self, and you get more because you are being and giving and accepting and receiving with the whole you.

It’s like a math equation: if a wood floor is covered with a rug over 40% of its surface, how much of the wood floor is showing? (You know the floor is there under that rug, you just can't see it, can't access it. So it's not considered part of the wood floor.) If that rug is rolled up so it is now only covering 20% of its surface, how much of the floor is showing?

How much of your self do you want this world to see? How much of your true self do you want to allow to shine and develop and grow and be free?


That is what stepping into your true nature does for you!!! It makes you free!!!!!! It makes you feel so aligned and wonderful and self-accepting (because this was the way G-d created you to be! How could that not feel great!?! Alignment is the definition of true self esteem. There is no room for unacceptance (I just made that word up) when you are being your TRUE YOU. It is how G-d made you to be – there is no fault there! Only 100% truth! No apologizing for who you are! No shame!) And you know what follows on the heels of all this? Freedom. Freedom to be you 100%.

Now doesn’t that sound delicious?

(Trust me, it is, and I am not even done yet ;) )

Here is permission to be YOU. TRUE YOU. Figure out where your alignment is (and be gentle with yourself – this is a PROCESS, not a quick fix!). Trial and error, baby. One step at a time. Don’t overthink it, just be where you feel natural. Live from where you feel natural. Make decisions from where you feel natural. Return to your natural. Life will change for you, guaranteed.

With so much love and anticipation for your natural you to shine,


Click below to share your comments and breakthroughs with like-minded people going in the same direction. Sharing feels great! Work the process - air it out! We’d love to hear from you….

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