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On Resistance

How often do you come across a situation you really don’t want to be in, or have an occasion you really don’t want to go to, and as you are going through it you are thinking “Ughh” the whole time? You have an errand to run and you pull yourself out the door to do it, or a meeting at your kid’s kindergarten that you could run yourself you’ve been to so many…and you just drag yourself through it…

Well, here is what I have learned this week. A sort of meeting of the minds of the two ends of the spectrum of: a) listening to your body and doing what you feel you can do, and b) needing to take care of the things that need taking care of whether or not you feel up to it or want to.

And it goes like this. It all boils down to Resistance. What I am about to describe definitely falls under the category of Emotional Mastery or Self Mastery, but for the purposes of today, we will be focusing on this: Resistance. (For more on Emotional Mastery, check out my ebook Keys to Calmer Living.)

I learned this important lesson this week, while stressing out about yet another day of errands for the Wellness Center. While this is all good stuff :), for someone who is used to leaving home for errands 1-2 times a month, the pace of three times a week - along with all the decisions to be made, the kids to keep happy, and a house to run - the extra days out were piling on the stress. One morning, before yet another day of shopping ahead of me, I made an executive decision: I would go (against the gagging feeling at even the thought of it…), but I would go swimming first. This made me feel that although things were spinning and I had to keep up with the pace (as opposed to setting the pace), I was still prioritizing the activities that would give me the positive energy to keep at it. It gave me back some control and calm re the situation.

And that is when I let go. At the pool, after swimming my laps, (I was alone in the pool since it was early morning :) I did a rooting exercise and got back in touch with nature. The natural rhythms of the world. Moving with the ebb and flow. Yes, I am used to setting my pace, for the most part. Yes, I like to be at home and be with my kids and have a routine. But I am building a Wellness Center. I am part of something bigger now, and that puts me into a different realm. The construction is leading the pace right now. The contractor is setting my routine. And that is all wonderful and okay and, to be honest, amazing! But it requires me to be in a different comfort zone. And I was meeting that comfort zone with resistance. Which, conversely to what my body/mind might think that resistance accomplishes, really only sets me back and makes my life harder.

So I let go. I went with the flow. I changed my expectations and judgements about myself and how going out so many times a week would effect me. We are all at the affect of our own minds. We are all at the mercy of our own judgements. And once we let them go, infinite new possibilities await us.

And so I embraced my new Now. I embraced the ebb and flow of this current reality. Errands must be done, and so errands it is.

If I am happy, my world will be happy. If I am in “Ugghh” mode, then that is what my life will look like. So go with the flow it is.

And that feels so much better.

Here’s to you letting go of that resistance, opening up new doors to new possibilities.

Letting go of fears/judgements/expectations and embracing what life is bringing your way.

Be in gratitude, see the world through grace, and go with it.

With love, and flowing energy,


This is Rock Water, one of Bach’s Essences. I love this essence. I love her message of going with the flow. I love her message of: even if I meet up with rocks and boulders and bends along the way, I retain my form as I move over and around them. We can bump up against a rock, we can get shaken and form an eddy around a bend, but we keep flowing , we keep moving forward, as we go with the force and flow of nature. Forever moving forward, forever flowing. Water at the beginning of the stream is the same water that you meet at the end. We retain our unique and innate qualities, no matter what challenges we meet in life. We are, and always will be, our true inner me.

Go with the flow. That is her message. Ahhhh.

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