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Love, Love, and More Love

I am not going to talk about the obvious today because, well, it is too obvious. We all don’t need reminders of craziness.

What we need is love.

Love, love, and more love.

Walks in nature where we feel the calming effect of the swish of the breeze in the trees, where the rustling of leaves soothes the soul. Where the call of a wild animal and the twittering of a family of birds awakens our senses and grounds our energies.

Time spent with friends laughing, over a good meal, or a steaming cup of coffee.

Getting on the floor with our kids to complete a 500 piece puzzle, or for a hilarious game of Twister. Game nights, movie nights, family snuggles in bed. Fun, laughter, connection, release.

Quality time with our partners – date nights, late night pillow talks, picnics or a hike. Even taking advantage of the drive to run errands to chill out with loud music or to have a good talk.

Love, hugs. Snuggles, more hugs.

And quality time with yourself. For yourself. And by yourself. With a good book, a glass of wine, sitting outside under the stars curled up under your favorite throw. A massage, a manicure, a shopping spree. Smile, laugh. And do so often. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – when you are happy, grounded, balanced, your family will be stronger, happier, more grounded, and balanced.

Love is light. Where there is light, by definition, there can not exist darkness. Bring on the love, chase away the dark. That’s how it works. It may sound simple. It is simple. We live happier lives by focusing on the light, on the love. When we focus on the dark, that is what we see, that is what our live become. When we focus on the light, that is what we see, that is what our lives become.

Your choice. Focus on the love. Or focus on the fear.

I choose love.

What about you?

How do I choose love? What is different about my day? I don’t listen to the news. I focus on my kids and their emotional states instead. I spontaneously declare movie night and everyone scrambles to get into pjs. I stay firm and direct with rules and family responsibilities, because maintaining structure when mayhem is around is crucial to all of us, and especially our children. I take them out for shopping trips, and I invite the snuggle times at night, in the morning, and in between. We play lots of music. There are fights, there are tense times, there is “normal”. But above and beneath it all is a striving for peace and mediocrity in non-mediocre times.

So we do keep routine, law and order. But we balance the world tension with fun and games and laughter and spontaneous treats.

Love. Love. And more love.

Hugs, snuggles, and more hugs.

Fun, laughter, games, and spontaneity.

Spread the love.

With love and light,


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