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The Heroine

You are a hero. If you are reading this, you might recognize yourself here, but then again, you might not. You are so humbly living your life that it may take you a while to say, “Oh, this is about me.”

People who know you all feel the same way. You are awe-inspiring. You are awesome. Amazing. A real live Superhero.

The tilt of your chin speaks of your courage. Your attitude. “Nothing ain’t gonna knock me down.”

You are beautiful. As if you were chiseled out of some unreal precious material that is strong beyond compare. Light and beauty with the strongest of courage and will. But the greatest beauty about you is the light that illuminates it all from within. This light that speaks of pain and tribulation and suffering, and of the smiles, the happiness, the “I can live above this” attitude. You radiate warmth, health, caring, and love. A soft and gentle yet ferocious love of living.

You make those around you want to weep. From the pain you have endured that no one who did not know you would ever know you have been through. Although your physical scars are there, the world does not see that. They see a whole, positive, healthy, vibrant and beautiful woman. They see a courage they can not understand, until they know your story. And that courage, that defiance, that, too, makes us weep. For we do not know how we would stand in your shoes and do the same. You are incredible, and, G-d help it be true, invincible.

And, so, we are here, with you on your specific and unique journey of life, to tell you that we stand beside and behind you. We are with you and taking the steps with you as you move forward. We are clapping, waving pom-poms, praying, and dancing with and for you. We are singing to the Heavens to see you through this with ease and grace, the same grace as is reflected in your countenance.

We love you and are all of us so much better and richer and inspired for knowing you. For witnessing your life and your living.

Thank you for taking us in to your story. For teaching. For being the most graceful warrior ever to be witnessed.

With admiration and love and prayers to move the world,

Devorah and your “family”

Please daven for Rachel Leah bas Sarah who is undergoing surgery next week. Pray that G-d bring her complete healing and the strength and courage to move through her journey with grace and with ease. Amen.

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