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The Quick Survey


I would love some feedback from my readers!  I love you guys and want to serve you as best I can.  Here are two questions for you. Please take a minute to complete the quick survey so I can serve you best.


Q #1 What are your biggest Calm Challenges (situations in which you find it very difficult to remain calm)?  Please rank in order from most to least challenging:

    a: in close relationships - spouse, partner, parents, siblings (ie where someone is testing you, when the other person is in a bad mood, etc)

    b: with your young children (ie keeping your patience when repeating yourself for the 2,000th time)

    c: with your teenage/older children (ie when they display attitude or disregard/disrespect)

    d: at work (ie with clients, colleagues, boss, employers)

    e: with your home (ie household responsibilities - cooking, cleaning, laundry)

    f: your choice - fill in something not listed above that is one of your big Calm Challenges

Please be as specific as you feel necessary to accurately describe your Calm Challenges.  You can answer simply with listing the letter corresponding to your answer, then add specifics.


Q #2 Would you love it if I sent you (if you are already a subscriber) or made available a free e-book with a title such as 7 Keys to Keeping Calm sharing 7 Calm Wisdom Nuggets that can change your world?  Or would you not be interested?  No judgement here, just looking for real feedback. 


To answer this survey click here and send me a response email.  Or, go to Beit Roga's facebook page to share your response. OR, click here to be taken to my contact page and send an email from there!


Thank you for taking the time to fill this out!  I look forward to using this information to serve you better!


Come fill out this quick survey so Beit Roga can serve you better!

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