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Talks and Courses

Self Relaxation Course (video series)

In this six week course you will learn 6 different Self Relaxation techniques to calm the mind and relax the body.  The videos come a week apart, so you can practice thoroughly before you are introduced to a new technique.  At the end of the course, schedule a complementary Skype session with Devorah to go over any questions you may have, provide feedback, and talk about your calm breakthroughs.

$ 76.00

Webinar: Keys to Calmer Living

In this talk/webinar, you will hear various calm tools and insights that you can implement into your daily routine right away to increase your overall state of calm, as well as provide powerful tools for handling stress and problem solving.


The Gift Inside the Package (audio file)

An inspiring talk on how to approach the trials we meet up with in life. In this hour, Devorah provides unique insights and tools that lead to a perspectve shift on how we view the trials we experience. The result: a game-changing perspective that leaves us calmer and more capable to deal with the challenges that arise in our daily lives. 


SuperWoman Syndrome - Take off the Cape! (audio file)

A one hour talk about how, as women, we tend to amass responsibility, and secure the SuperWoman Cape around our shoulders.  Listen to hear how we can get out from under that cape to live lives aligned with our true Super Selves, and be the best, happiest, calmest women we can be.


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