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Chronic Health Issues in Children and CranioBalance


In this article, we will delve into two issues – chronic health problems (whether temporary, or continuous) such as recurring earaches/fluid in the ears and all types of allergies*, and chronic diseases such as diabetes, FMF, and the like.

When we are talking about chronic health issues (including different sensitivities – tactile/skin/food, and continuous digestive problems) we are talking about problems that arise in infants and children for which doctors are not able to determine the cause.  (These problems can be for life, or for a few months or years.) 

What happens then? The child is uncomfortable or in pain and has to acclimate to an abnormal lifestyle – whether from the pain or discomfort, frequent absences from nursery/school, sleep disturbances that can accompany some of these problems, and/or (sometimes drastic) changes in diet.  The doctors recommend different treatments, specialists, tests, and medications or dietary changes.  Most often, because of the unknown source of the health issue, these procedures/treatment plans only offer temporary relief, if at all.  (Or the child is restricted in his diet for life.)  The cycle starts again – doctor, tests, specialists, treatment plans, medications…it helps temporarily or not at all, and the cycle begins again.  This whole time, the child is suffering.

When we discuss chronic diseases that are genetic in origin, conventional medicine views these diseases as irreversible.  If one is diagnosed with one of these diseases, it is with him for life.  This will be the person’s reality; things will not improve for the most part, and they will sometimes/often get worse with time and/or under stress.  CranioBalance sees things differently.  The fact that a disease exists in one’s genes does not mean that it will definitively be a symptomatic process.  The gene can be there; the symptoms - non-existent.

“How?” you ask.  We return to the fundamentals of CranioBalance Therapy.  When tension is relieved in the body, balance is restored.  The level of overall health and health potential, and the ability of the body to now heal itself, increases.  With recurring earaches/infections/fluid buildup, the source is an imbalance in the system that causes fluid to build up in the ear causing the earaches and frequent infections.  With food allergies, or other allergies and sensitivities, there is an imbalance or block somewhere in the system that is causing the body to be intolerant of certain substances.  If these blocks/tension points are relieved, the normal healthy balance is restored, and the proper natural functioning of these systems resume.  With genetic diseases, when the person’s body is at a high ideal state of relaxation – by releasing tension points – the symptoms normally expressed by the gene do not necessarily appear, or are less drastic in nature.  Feel free to contact me for experiences of this nature by clients of CranioBalance.

Your child does not need to suffer any longer.  Please, be aware of the various types of alternative treatment options that are available that can provide relief for chronic ailments.  CranioBalance and other holistic treatments work at the level of the source of the unhealthy process, thus eliminating the problem and/or the expression of its symptoms.

I am available for any questions you may have regarding this matter.  You can contact me at on the Contact page, or at


Devorah Harow, PT

CranioBalance Therapist

Founder of Beit Roga: Center for Healthier Living


*What is mentioned in this article applies to all chronic health issues and diseases.  The above examples were used because of their frequency in nature in our general child/infant population.  One can apply these principals to other chronic issues such as chronic poor sleep habits in infants/children, and the like.

**The same holds true with chronic health issues and diseases in adults. 

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