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Quick Guide to BRG Flower Essences

Abundance/Wild Oat      Clear blocks related to inviting abundance of all types into your life. For those who feel "stuck" with

                                   issues of money, fertility, happiness, etc. (Sacral Chakra)

Almond Tree Budding     Soothing. This essence helps sooth the body from tension and anxiety.

Bacopa                          Love. This essence provides loving support. (Heart Chakra)

Bottlebrush                    Restoring balance to the bowel for those suffering from lower digestive issues. (Root Chakra)

Chicory                         Hope. This essences provides hope to those who feel it is lost. (Crown/Brow Chakras)


Cream Foxglove              Heart Healing. This gentle flower provides us with support to release and heal grief and wounds

                                    held in the heart. (Heart Chakra)

Dead Sea Rejuvenation     This series of essences provides deep clearing and healing of the system. Recommended for those

                                    who have already gone through other healing experiences, and are looking for a deeper cellular



Diascia                          Heart Expression. This beautiful flower encourages honest expression of the heart, helping it to heal. 

                                    (Heart Chakra)  

Duranta Gracia               Masculine Energy. Provides a deep sense of support, reliability; for those feeling they need security.

Fuchsia Foxglove             Heart Rejuvenation. This essence helps rejuvenate the heart after releasing and healing loss and pain.

                                    (Heart Chakra)

Full Moon                      If you are ready to let your whole light shine on the world. To be who you really are. 

Hot Pink Sandovilla         Energy Infusion. Looking for a burst of grounded, harness-able energy? This flower gives you

                                    focused energy, adding a boost to your day.

Hot Pink Thistle              Strength to Overcome. For an extra boost of strength to help you through your challenges in life.

Inbal                             Intuition. To increase your awareness of and trust in your intuition. (Brow Chakra)

Joy/Pink Petunia             Joy. To raise your spirits if you are feeling down. To bring joy back into life. (Heart Chakra)

Lime Bells of Israel          Light for the way Forward. If you feel the way forward is dark and are unsure where to go, what                                          decision to make, this essence will shine light and show you the way.

Magenta Orchid              To release tension around the throat, neck, jaw. Good for those who suffer from throat aches or

                                    infections, TMJ, polyps, hoarseness. (Throat Chakra)

Magenta Rose                 Provides unconditional love. You can do anything when you have unconditional love and support.

Magic/Splendid Bindweed Magic. To see the magic in the world again. For those who are feeling jaded, not seeing the                                                 magic in life. (Heart Chakra)

Melanis                          Harmony. Nothing more needs to be said. :)

Mustard                         Acceptance. A lifter of the spirits and healer of the Solar Plexus Chakra. Acceptance is the key to

                                    tranquility and happiness. Recognizing everything happens for the best. All is well and exactly as it

                                    should be. 

Pentas                           Societal Healing. A reminder for our hearts/souls that we are not alone. We are surrounded by 

                                    other beautiful souls. Connected. (Heart Chakra)

Pink Gerber                   Self-Nurturing. Encourages you to take care of yourself. (Heart Chakra)

Pink/Fuchsia Sweet Pea   Feminine Energy. Encourages one to embrace their feminine grace and beauty.

Purple Bacopa                Inspiration. Opens one up to Divine Inspiration. For those feeling their inspirational flow is blocked.

                                    (Crown/Brow Chakra)

Red Sandovilla               Grounding. A deeply grounding essence; for you if you feel scattered and not firmly on the ground. 

                                   Helps one to focus on the task at hand. (Root Chakra)

Society Garlic                Protection. Provides a deep sense of protection. For those who feel vulnerable. (Crown Chakra)



Summer Solstice            Sunshine/Fire. For a burst of energy - like a ray of sunshine - if you feel your energy is low. Also to

                                   invite the healing rays of the sun into your life. Restores Fire element for those who have had

                                   their fire dowsed. (Solar Plexus Chakra)



White Petunia                Clearing. To clear and let go of any unwanted energy or thoughts/patterns/behaviors. Assists in

                                   letting go for children and adults going through transitions. Ie when a child gives up his

                                   pacifier; moving homes; transitioning from one school to the next. Also aids in relieving grief.


Wild Pink                     Present. Brings a great sense of peace, as it supports you living in the present. Aids in falling asleep

                                   and sleeping deeply. Anxiety reducer. (Heart Chakra)



Wild Sage                     Helps relieve allergies by clearing and restoring balance to the organs involved in

                                   filtration/digestion/breathing. (Solar Plexus Chakra)



Wisdom/Chinese Flame Tree  Provides a deep sense of peace and inner tranquility. All the wisdom you need is inside you. 

                                   (Thymus Chakra)

Wood Sorrel                  Energy Restorative. To restore one's energy after fatigue, pregnancy. 


Divine Masculine/Feminine Alchemy  Restores balance of the masculine/feminine energies in the body. Indicated for those

                                   who feel they have taken on or repressed specific energies. I.e. women who have "toughened up" or

                                   men who hide/are ashamed of their emotions.


Allergy Cleanse              For clearing of the Solar Plexus Chakra and organs involved in filtering ingested materials to

                                   alleviate allergy symptoms. (Solar Plexus Chakra)

Allergy Cleanse +           Allergy Cleanse, with extra support. (Lower Digestion balancer, added Solar Plexus healing, and

                                   some unconditional support.)

Heart and Soul              Deep loving support to heal from all types of trauma, from minor (bumps and bruises) to major.

Heart & Soul Peace        Deep loving support and a great sense of tranquility - All is well. 

Heart & Soul Protection Deep loving support and a feeling of great protection for those feeling vulnerabl, exposed, insecure.

Heart & Soul Release     Deep loving support for those who are grieving any type of loss. (coming soon) 

Peaceful Slumber           Combination essence. Encourages deep sleep by releasing anxiety and tensions, worries. (coming


Strength and Clarity      A combination essence to provide strength and clarity for the way forward, specifically in facing


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