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Beit Roga's Upcoming Events

Cafe Roga

We are starting soon - so sign up now!

An incredible transformational journey. For 14 months, we will meet as a group once a month. We will meet a new essence and take the same essence over the course of the month.  Beit Roga Gardens Flower Essences  are made from flowers and plants here in Kochav HaShachar. Their power is potent and loving, and will be a true support to all those going through this unique journey. Besides for the monthly meetings, there is an online support group and personal contact with/support from Devorah throughout. If you are looking for something new, and support through your growth this coming year, contact Devorah for more information about this truly powerful experience.

 These bi-monthly morning meetings are fun, casual events. Each time we meet, we discuss a topic that can support you in your life in some way. Calm techniques, understanding intuition, energy typing and how knowing your type can change your relationships, parenting, and how you approach your work are a few examples.

For more information, follow Beit Roga's Facebook page for updates.



Beit Roga Gardens

A 14 Month Transformative Process


Flower Essence Consultation

Three Months of Flowers

Spend three months with Devorah - gaining insight and support for the areas of your life where you most want/need it. What are your challenges? Your dreams? Is there grief or stress you would like to release from your being? Where do you see yourself in three month's time?

This course of treatment, for those who are not familiar, is one that is very supportive to wherever you are in life currently. It can support a goal you are trying to achieve, help with specific challenges you may be facing, or gently relieve held-in grief, anxiety, stress, trauma.

Each month we have a 60 minute meeting, in person, or via Skype.

Contact Devorah for more information and details.

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