We are going to the Dead Sea!!!


Get ready for 24 hours of Tranquility!!!


When:  Sunday - Monday January 19-20, 2020.


Where:  Leonardo Plaza Hotel at the Dead Sea


What:  I have arranged a special program that is full of fun, calm, in the moment relaxation, and tools for staying relaxed when you return to your life at home. We will meditate on the warm sand in the sun, talk about nature and the elements around us, and how they support us in our healing.  We will rejuvenate and heal our bodies through guided imagery, and learn self-relaxation techniques to take with us. And more!!!! All under the guidance of Calm Expert, trained PT, CranioBalance therapist, and Flower Essence Practitioner Devorah Harow of the Beit Roga Wellness Center.


Of course, there will be down time, five star gourmet dinner and breakfast in the hotel dining room, luxurious hotel rooms, and full access to the Spa.

All of this, arranged for you, by Beit Roga, for your full relaxation and enjoyment!!!



Price: 978ILS/$280*


Bring-a-friend discount: 40ILS/$12 off

              (refunded to you when your friend signs up)


Day Pass: Join us from 11:00 to 18:00 on Sunday, January 19 for a

                taste of the tranquil experience. You will be able to enjoy part of

                the program and find your peace. This package does not include meals

                or entrance to the Spa. You will have access to the beach and Sea. 


click here to buy your day pass


        *30 ILS/$9 processing fee per extra payment if you choose to pay in installments. 





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Once you've registered, we will send you all the necessary information about the retreat in the coming weeks.

Woohoo!! See you there...

Here's what the women who went on the last retreat had to say....

What did you learn at the Retreat?

*To enjoy more, to appreciate. To be myself. 

*The importance of down time.

*The importance of making time for myself to learn new relaxation tools and refresh others so I can be the best me.

*Stress reducing techniques.

*To bring home aspects I enjoyed here to help me deal with the day-to-day.

What did you learn about yourself?

*I got in touch with myself again as an individual separate from my other roles - wife, daughter, mom, employee.

*That I love taking time away to rejuvenate.

*Definitely need to schedule more relaxation time.

*To be less controlling.

And the most consistent answer to what changes should be made was that the next retreat must be sooner than next January - and longer!!!