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CranioBalance and Behavioral Outbursts in Children


Have you ever felt that your child is calm and gentle one minute and then suddenly turns into a “monster”?  He gets very angry, agitated, violent, and you can’t go near him?  You feel that nothing you say or do calms him down?  Does he say things you can’t believe you are hearing, or start to harm people or objects around him? 

I am here to tell you now that it’s not you.  Parents wonder, “Did I do something wrong to upset him? Am I doing something terribly wrong as a parent?” 

This is not because of you.  You are not a terrible mother or an incompetent father. 

And you do not have a monster child.  Your child is not a bad child.  Your child is sweet, smart, sensitive.  It’s just these OUTBURSTS.  And then you don’t recognize your sweet child and you have no idea what to do with him.

Well, it is not your child's fault either.

It is his body.  There is a point in his body that is creating pressure or pain and it builds and builds until he can’t stand it anymore.  Or, the pain is constant, and this sweet child expends so much energy trying to function with this pain.  Sometimes it is just too much to try to hold it all down, to control it, suppress it, and the pain comes bursting out.  It all rises to the surface.  The child lets go.

What we see in these outbursts is the constant pain or pressure that he has inside coming out and expressing itself. 

During a CranioBalance Therapy treatment, we locate the physical source of the pain/pressure, and release it long-term.  Just like that, your child can live without this constant pain or pressure in his life.  He can stop expending all this energy on holding it all down so he can function.  He can stop experiencing this pain or pressure as his normal and come into a new normal – a life without constant pain.  Without the anger and frustration building.  Without the behavioral or emotional outbursts that disrupt his (and the family’s) life.  Your child can just be himself.  The pure, sweet child that has always been inside but was masked by all the pressure.

If what is described in this article sounds familiar, if this is your life, be in touch now to hear how CranioBalance treatments can effect your child and change your life.


Devorah Harow, PT

Founder of Beit Roga

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