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CranioBalance Therapy, Defined


I invite you to imagine with me.  Imagine, please, the following process happening to you as I describe it:  You are a regular, “normal” person.  Then, for whatever reason, you put your finger somewhere on your body – let’s say the inside of your arm.  After a few minutes of having your finger on that spot, you suddenly start to feel things changing.  You ask a question, and then repeat it a few times.  Someone answers you, but you still continue to repeat the question.  Then, you switch to a new sentence, or ask a new question, and you repeat that over and over again.  You do not know what is happening to you.  You do not understand why you are behaving this way.  After a while, you start to feel weird, different, then frustrated and irritable.  But you can’t control what is happening to you, and still you keep repeating one sentence or question over and over.  You notice, now, that the people around you are treating you differently.  Even the people who love you for who you are are getting annoyed and angry with you.  Now you really feel confused and you don’t feel well at all.






Now stop imagining and come back to yourself.  How do you feel?  Do you feel the frustration of this experience?  Do you feel that sense of confusion and “huh? what is happening to me"?  Now, what if someone told you that all of this could stop – that you could return to “normal” – if only you would take your finger off of that spot on your arm?  Would you hesitate to move your finger?  Of course not!  But what if you couldn’t always move your finger by yourself?  What if you needed specific help to move your finger?  Someone to move it for you?  You would go right away to find that person to help you, right?

This is the idea behind CranioBalance Therapy.  For many different reasons, there are different tensions and points of pressure in the body (the finger pressing on the inside of your arm in our analogy).  These areas cause lack of balance in the everyday function of different body systems.  They are expressed as pain, illness, disease, joint instability, neurological problems, various disorders, and the like. 

If one removes the pressure from a specific area that is causing certain symptoms, the symptoms no longer exist.  That’s it.  Like taking your finger off that “problem” spot on your arm.  As soon as you do, the body can function in a healthy, balanced way.*

This is treatment by CranioBalance Therapy.  Finding the tension/pressure points, and releasing them through various techniques.  Then, with G-d’s help, the symptoms disappear.  And, most importantly, the body returns to its natural balanced state and increases its health, and health potential. 

Now you understand the extra importance of treatments for babies and children.  Every release that is done in the childhood years prevents future problems from arising; problems that would arise from allowing these tension points to stay, as the young body grows and develops.   Treating an infant/child is for now, and for his future. 


Please contact me with any questions you may have.


Devorah Harow, PT, CB Therapist

Founder of Beit Roga: Center for Healthier Living


*(Most of the population have many tension points in the body, such that a change or relief in symptoms is felt only after multiple tension points are release – although each tension point that is released brings the body to greater health capacity.  Most patients feel some level of relief (minimal to great) after 1-2 treatments.)

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