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Journal Entry 2 

8.28.14 as posted on Facebook


     School is starting.  Summer is over.  For some of us, summer was a fun, magical time spent playing and having a good time.  Relaxing vacations, lazy days at the beach.  Some of us had a harder time managing kids at home, work or private business, and household tasks.  And some of us struggled each and every day.  I know for my friends here in Israel, summer has not seemed like a vacation at all. 

     So, we are all having some mixed feelings, right?  The house will be quiet again J, the house will be quiet again L, back to routine (yay!!), back to work and early AM wakeups (oooh).  Perhaps guilt at the fun we did not have, or guilt at the delight we are feeling to not have to clean up all day long.  Either way, when we transition from one time period to another, there is usually guilt.  And some chaos.    

     And with that comes our friend, stress. 

    Try this exercise: grab your kids, friends, neighbors, whoever.  Sit down on the floor in a circle and take some deep breaths together.  (Try not to crack up – nothing gets people going like sitting around watching other people trying to relax…)  Then have each person say what was great about the summer.  Then let everyone say what was hard about the summer.  Wrap that up with a statement or prayer of gratitude for summer.  Then move on to fall.  What is each person excited about for the fall?  What is each person nervous/scared about or not looking forward to?  Now say a statement or prayer of gratitude for fall.  Now everyone gets up, does a silly dance to the music of your choice, and then goes to wrap some schoolbooks!



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