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Journal Entry 1  

8.25.14 as posted on Facebook


    Welcome!  Welcome fellow tranquility seekers!  Welcome to Beit Roga.  As many of you already know, Beit Roga means House of Tranquility, house of inner peace.  It is my sincere wish, my personal goal, that all who come under the roof of my practice – whether virtually or actually – come away more relaxed than when they entered.  Overcome with an inner peace.  This forum is a place of calmness, a haven for you to come to to reach new levels of tranquility.  To recharge.  The people in this forum are likeminded people, people committed to living healthier lives by finding deeper calm in themselves.   Come.  Just to be here, immersed in a place of peace.  Come, to read my journal entries, my weekly quotes, my tips and suggestions.  Come, to share.  Sharing is empowering to both the sharer, and his audience.  It provides an opportunity for people to learn life’s lessons from other people’s stories.  It inspires.  So share your insights and stories.  I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you!  Welcome!


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