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12 Steps to Empowered Living

12 Steps to Empowered Living


This take-at-your-own-pace program is perfect for anyone looking to take ownership of their life, to fully step into their power. Many of us have not been taught to acknowledge our inner power, or worse - we have had it taken from us by others. 

Whether you are at the beginning of this journey to Empowerment, or are well on your way to living your own life and living in your power, this 12 step program is a wonderful way to step more fully into your light. 

This program includes:

12 awarenesses that bring you to Empowered Living

12 10ml bottles of essences to support you through each awareness/step

Videos that explore each awareness and how they help you to Own Your Power

A program map, delineating each step to Empowerment, its corresponding essence, and the video for that step


It is my experience that everyone is at their own unique place in their Empowerment. And the awarenesses set out in this program will take different lengths of time for each person to master. This program allows each participant to move along at their own pace. If you need a week or a month at each step - that is totally up to you. 

I will remain available to you for questions and feedback through your journey. I am not sure as of yet whether this will be via email or in a Facebook group. But I will be here. 

As soon as you place your order, I will get to sending you your 12 Steps to Empowerment package. In the meantime, I will direct you to supportive materials I already have available about Empowered Living so you can get started on this journey. 

  • Details

    12 Steps to Empowered Living Map - value: $10

    12 10ml essence bottles - value: $144

    12 videos to guide you through your steps - value: $96

    Ongoing online support, by me: priceless

    Your investment: $196


    *Be sure to fill in your shipping information at checkout. 

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