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4 Steps to Loving Your Body

4 Steps to Loving Your Body


This four step program to loving your body is suited for any woman who has any issues with her body image, or who simply wants a simple, calm, healthy and easy to maintain lifestyle. 

Everyone deserves to love the body they are in. 

When we love our body, we automatically want to nourish it well, keep it strong, pamper it. We innately want to take better care of it, if we love it. It's a positive cycle that keeps on growing. We love it, we feed it well, we have more energy, we exercise more, we love it more, and continue upshifting the level of care we provide it. 


Whether you have been struggling with your weight for years (or perhaps decades), find fault with different aspects of your body...daily, or see your body differently than those around you see it (skewed body image), this program is for you. If you want to eat without restrictive dieting, want to feel healthy and strong in the body you are in, this program is for you. 

  • Details

    This six month program includes:

    First month of four one hour meetings - value: $480

    Orange Pink Mini Petunia essence bottle - value: $18.80 + shipping

    Contact with me, as needed, throughout the month via email or chat - estimated value: $120 

    (You get all this for $480!)

    Continued support for additional 5 months is recommended:

     to answer questions that might arise,

    support you in implementing your plan, 

    and ensure that you are comfortable with it. 

    The goal is a sustainable lifestyle - one you love and enjoy!

    1st meeting: Loving Your Body as it is Right Now. Intuitively guided support for you to achieve loving and accepting your body NOW. Including a bottle of Orange Pink Mini Petunia essence. 

    2nd meeting: Intuitive Eating - setting up your kitchen, creating a list of foods you love to eat, learning to eat Intuitively, understanding how emotions come into play during mealtime.

    3rd meeting: Exercise - finding a personal exercise regiment specifically tailored to your needs and what is FUN for you, what motivates you.

    4th meeting: Healing Your Emotional Story - this is the hardest part. Because if you were able to do this easily, you would have, likely long ago. In this hour session we do a deep dive into your emotional story that is affecting the way you see your body, and your body's health/stability. Discovering and understanding this story frees you to live in love with your body, and keep it at a healthy stable weight.

    Throughout this first month, I am available to you via chat or brief Zoom calls when necessary. 

    Five additional months of  support - choose between the Light Support Program, or the Deep Dive Program. When we meet, we discuss the different support options, outline what your specific needs are, and how best to meet them. (Prices vary based on the personal support package we create for you.)

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