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Alchemy of Gold (Value)

Alchemy of Gold (Value)


Ahhhh...Alchemy of Gold. GOLD. It is the high vibration of ABUNDANCE. It is I AM WORTHY. I AM IN FLOW. It attracts to us that which matches this highest vibration. Behavior, attitudes, opportunities, objects. Stay in this vibration and only that which matches it gains entrance into your energy sphere.

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    This essence was cocreated on a magical day in Autumn when GOLD was in the air. Gold flecks - like Gold dust - were just everywhere. I kep taking photos and it looked like some haze or like a ray of sun was over the picture. And then I realized. GOLD. It was in the air. 
    Take in this energy to purify your energy field. To raise it up. Expect the most incredible in this world. That is what Gold tells us. Why would you settle for less?, it asks.

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