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Almond Tree (Soothing)

Almond Tree (Soothing)

This utterly soothing tree stands in the center of Beit Roga’s garden. His quiet masculine presence lends a strength and a soothing to the whole garden, and enhances the connection with the deep quiet of the universe that exists in and around Beit Roga.
Almond Tree’s essences helps ground any tension or anxiety from our energy system, soothing us at our core.
  • Details

    The Almond Tree is famous in Israel as the signifier that Spring is on its way. It flowers in February, at the end of Winter, bringing cheer and hope to all who see its bright soothing flowers as a burst of white in the Winter landscape. After it has flowered, the tree fills with leaves as the flower buds mature slowly into full sized ripe almonds.
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