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Chakra Healing 1on1

Chakra Healing 1on1


In this one on one healing session (60 minutes), we will delve into one of your chakras and develop a unique plan for healing/balancing/opening/exercising that chakra to bring you to greater health and understanding of your body.


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    Indications: There is a part of your body that seems to be your "weak" area. Whether it is chronic pain/aches/injuries, or the area that bothers you when you are stressed, this is a pattern you have come to notice. You are ready for healing this, moving on, but aren't quite sure how. If this program pulls you, I invite you to be in touch with me so we can answer any questions you may have. Your intuitive choice to schedule, or not. 

    60-90 minute session

    During this one on one session, you receive a personal chakra healing regiment, and I remain available to you via a mutually agreed upon communication platform (email, FB Messenger, and the like) so you can check in and ask any questions you may have during the healing process. 


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