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Chamomile (Worries Away)

Chamomile (Worries Away)


Ahhhh, Chamomile. Easing away our worries. Unknotting our bellies. A stomach ache soother. Let Chamomile soothe away those worries and leave you feeling calmer, with greater peace of mind.  

  • Details

    This lovely wild flower grows right in my backyard. I was running out of Chamomile essence from the Moonflower Essence range and was thinking I need to order more when it struck me - these flowers are growing right outside! And so outside I went and this lovely essence was added to the Beit Roga Gardens essence collection!! 
    With lovely white petals and a gentle yellow belly, these soft small clustered flowers are such a cheer to see among the fields of wild flowers. Quite low to the ground among the taller grasses, she has an unassuming, cheerful, confident way about her. 

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