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Chicory (Hope)

Chicory (Hope)

These blue flowers grab the attention of the beholder with their shocking blue petals. Oh, how I love to come across Chicory growing wild in a field of Wild Barley or Wild Oat! Chicory lends HOPE to those who seek it, and even to those who do not know they seek it. She refreshes and rejuvenates the heart force and nourishes your willpower as you keep moving forward. 
  • Details

    The first time I met Chicory was the day I was going for an appointment to check out a physical symptom that was worrisome. I went for a walk in the morning before we left and took notice of these flowers for the first time. (Even though they grow every Spring!! Their energy called out to me just when I needed it.) I picked two flowers. One flower I kept with me in my bag, its presence there continually keeping me buoyant with hope and a deep calm throughout the ordeal. At the same time, my daughter was at home, guarding over the second flower I had placed in water to create this essence.
    Supportive of the Brow and Crown Chakras.
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