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Dead Sea Rejuvenation 3 - Rock

Dead Sea Rejuvenation 3 - Rock

The third in the Dead Sea Rejuvenation Series.
This essence was made on a rock at the Dead Sea, absorbing the deep healing essence of both the Dead Sea and the rock element.
The Dead Sea provides deep healing of the body and soul. Rock provides a venue for grounding all that comes up for release while undergoing the profound healing of the Dead Sea.
After the Sun brings to light that which wants to be released, and Sand and Water have drawn and flushed it out, Rock provides the support and stability you need while going through the process. It also regrounds you in your new state.
  • Details

    Rock is a very masculine element, providing a deep sense of dependability, a strong shoulder to lean on. Unwavering support at all times. Add in the very grounding element that rock provides, and you have deep support during the healing process.
    The majestic rock and mountains surrounding the Dead Sea add this incredible aspect to the therapeutic effect one finds at this unique healing center of the region.
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