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Duranta Erecta (Grace)

Duranta Erecta (Grace)


This is actually one of the first essences I made. Years ago, before I had proper bottles to keep them in. I had seen this plant many times in nurseries, but it took me years to actually buy one and find the perfect spot for it. 

What pulls me to this plant? Its wonderful, beautiful essence. GRACE. Ahhh, that Divine energy of knowing all is inspired. Divine Grace. Feel the grace of G-d. 

  • Details

    This wonderful plant grows to a tall bush. Another name for it is Golden Dewdrop, as the flowers turn into golden berries that hang off their drooping stems like drops of dew. 

    This hardy plant is the cousin of Duranta Gracia (another Beit Roga Gardens Essence). The Duranta Gracia grows tall with droopy branches coming off the main bark. Duranta Erecta's branches are straight sticks that slope  slightly upwards. On both, the flower clusters droop down in a manner that is so stately and gorgeous you just say "ahhh" when you see them.

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