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Duranta Gracia (Divine Masculine)

Duranta Gracia (Divine Masculine)

This bush signifies strong masculine energy. The Divine Masculine. It offers a strong shoulder to lean on, unwavering and unconditional support. Deeply rooted energy, one which emanates supreme confidence and a quiet but extremely powerful strength. 
When taken by women, it elicits – demands - an opening of the deep feminine. It is a woman’s natural response to a protective, strong, unconditionally giving and supportive, deeply grounded and powerful male.
  • Details

    Ahh, yes, no coincidence that this bush has called to have its essence made the day after the Summer Solstice. We are high in the Yang energy, along with the overlapping of the Dark Moon which also carries masculine properties of deep reflection and stillness. Focus. And all in the month of the Gemini moon which was calling for clearing, creativity, and a call to take action.
    This bush made its essence quite clear within days of its arrival at Beit Roga. It called to me at the nursery with its incredibly dark, velvety looking small purple flowers. They called to my soul.
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