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Flaming Rose (Comfortable Fire)

Flaming Rose (Comfortable Fire)


I don't know if I've ever had a flower share so quickly what her essence is. This particular rose is so unique. One might want to call it orange, but its two tone coloring has a more flaming appearance. 

It's power: to support us in finding just the right tone for our own personal flame. We are all made of Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. Many people have a hard time with the Fire in them - afraid of the passion and fiery emotions we associate with this element. Learning to find just the right balance and tone for your internal Fire, having a beautiful relationship with this strong element, can help you find a balance in your life you might be a long time looking for...

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    I thought I was getting an Orange Rose when I purchased this beauty. Perhaps it is the soil here, or perhaps this is the way she blooms in this environment, but this energy is slightly different than the typical orange rose energy. Breathe her in, see what she does for you.

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