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Fuchsia Bacopa (Be Brave, Empowerment Essence)

Fuchsia Bacopa (Be Brave, Empowerment Essence)


This beauty has such a stunning color. And her message - well, there is no whispering here. She is loud and bold with her message: Be Brave. 

This is an empowerment essence. 

Align with your inner power and see that no situation is without its place for you to stand. You will find how to be. There is no helpless, there is no hopeless. Not when we stand in our power. 

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    I have had bacopa in my garden continuously for years now. White, light pink, purple. When the last two we bought bloomed this stunning fuchsia...well, her color and energy speak for themselves. 

    Never despair. There is always light. G-d made you as you are to stand empowered in every situation. There is always your BEing that is ready to shine. 

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