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Full Moon Essence (Shine Your Light)

Full Moon Essence (Shine Your Light)

Thrill of excitement is in the air. The thrill of being free. The freedom of being me.
That is what this essence is. It is spirit. Authenticity. Being me.
Being the biggest brightest moon - you are reflecting the light of the Source to your fullest and highest ability and potential. You are beauty. You are light. You are a full solar panel ready to reflect all of the beauty and light that is you into the world, only as YOU can bring it.
Your moon is your own moon. No two beings will reflect the light in just the same way, but every being is fully capable of shining and reflecting all of the light. We open ourselves, bare ourselves, return to the nakedness of our inner being and truth, and this is our highest reflection.
Be your greatest light. Bring it to the world as only you can.
  • Details

    This (environmental) essence was made in the full moonlight between the hours of 8:30 and 10:30 PM Oct 28, 2015.
    The energy in the air is of barely restrained boundless excitement. The edge of something new when you know the newness and are just beginning to taste it. The thrill of discovery and the freedom that ensues as you realize that this is all here because you dared to be YOU.
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