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Grief Healing

Grief Healing


This essence series contains three of Beit Roga Gardens heart healing essences. White Petunia is lovely gentle support for letting go. Cream Foxglove will hold your hand as you let your heart "bleed". And Fuchsia Foxglove helps to rejuvenate the heart after it has opened up and grieved. 

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    Foxglove is known as Digitalis and is the plant used to derive the widely known heart medication - digitalis. In medicine and in energy, this plant is all about healing the heart. If you look closely at its flower you will see the crimson dots that resemble droplets of blood. Allowing the heart the time to grieve and give expression to its pain is healing for the heart. It encourages the heart to open as it releases, and so it allows the heart to be open to rejuvenation.

    For more heart healing essences, visit my online store. Hint: most pink essences are heart healers.

    All bottles in this set are Dosage strength, 30 ml.

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