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Grounded and Protected

Grounded and Protected


Another in the special 2021 combination series. 

This trio comes up to assist us in staying grounded, grounded in love, and feeling protected. 

It has been coming up for many this feeling of coming easily ungrounded - feeling that their energies are fleeing their body. Red Sandevilla comes to strengthen that grounding, and remind our bodies it is ok to stay connected. 

Bacopa imbues us with love throughout the day, something that keeps us in love vibration for self and others, and subsequently raises that vibration in the world.

Society Garlic comes to remind us we are Divinely protected at all times. This helps to stop external energies from latching on to our own, something that can take us out of balance and weaken our own energies.

Together, these essences can strengthen your presence, your vibration, your strength - which happens when spirit/energies rest comfortably inside one's body. 

  • Details

    All bottles in this series are 30 ml dosage strength.

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