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Hot Pink Thistle (Strength to Overcome)

Hot Pink Thistle (Strength to Overcome)

Strength to Overcome. That is this bright, interestingly shaped flower’s unique message. When you have a challenge before you and could use a boost to your energy system to get you over the hump, there is no need to struggle alone, or unnecessarily. Allow the universe to support you and lend you that courage and strength. You have what it takes to do this. Hot Pink Thistle just nudges you into motion, making the path smoother for you to navigate.
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    This thistley bush grows out of the rocks here. I found this particular bush growing out of the rocks at the top of the hill just next to my house. It knows almost full exposure to the strong Mediterranean Sun during the day, and withstands the strong mountain dessert winds of the nights. Its hot pink thistles show its boldness and strength. There is no fear.
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