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Inbal (Clear Intuition)

Inbal (Clear Intuition)

This beautiful purple-blue star shaped flower opens you up to your intuition. Your intuitive guidance - G-d's way of whispering in your ear to tell you all you need to know - is always there. It has always been there. Some of us are more adept than others at heeding that voice, but we all hear it. Inbal invites us to trust that voice and heed what it says. After all, it is G-d guiding you exactly where you need to go. You follow your intuitive guidance and you are always on the right path.
  • Details

    Brow Chakra healing and balancing, as well as a bit of Crown Chakra opening as well.
    This plant completely disappears in the Winter months and crops up again with strong leafy shoots to produce an abundance of these gorgeous star shaped flowers. Its bud is unique - it looks like a square pillow. It starts out green, turns purple, and then slowly opens to reveal it's bright petals. When the flower dies, it drains of all color, turning white, and new buds crop up beneath it.
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