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Intuition Enhancer

Intuition Enhancer


Oooh! This wonderful series is one of my favorites - and might be the most important of all the sets in my range. By opening up to and heeding our intuitive guidance, we open ourselves up to a healthier lifestlye. Our bodies and Inner Guidance know what is absolutely best for us. Being aware of that voice of intuition, recognizing it, and heeding it without question - this is the blueprint for healthier living. By following our intuition we will be guided to healthier choices - in what we eat, in how we treat our bodies, and in the decisions we make.

Wild Pink helps us to be centered and quiet - present in this moment. Inbal helps us to attune to that voice that is our Inner Guidance. And Chinese Flame Tree points us to the awareness that all the Wisdom we need for our path is already inside of us. The answers will be revealed - all at the right time. Ask questions, and the answers will come to you.

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    Chinese Flame Tree grows in my garden. Sitting beneath this tree feels like sitting on a bench with a wise sage, his arm around your shoulder. You can ask him any question you'd like. His answer is one that will instill a great calm inside you - and all the answers you need will indeed come to you as you need them. 

    All bottles are Dosage strength, 30 ml.

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