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Intuitive Healing Session - in person/online

Intuitive Healing Session - in person/online


Choose between an in-person session or an online session. Each session is 60 minutes.

In person sessions are in Beit Roga, or other cities as per adverts.

Online sessions are via Zoom.


In person: I combine my knowledge and skills - including Physical Therapy, CranioBalance Therapy, Flower Essences, Color Healing, Chakra Healing, Meridians, Reflexology map, Zodiac signs, and more - with the intuitive guidance that comes in to each session for the client's unique healing journey. The result is magnificent breakthroughs and healing, both emotionally, and physically. The client stays fully clothed, usually lying on their back. A soft touch healing technique is  used throughout. 


Online: After a series of intake questions, we go through an intuitively guided healing of body and spirit to clear both physical and emotional issues. (For a deeper dive and a longer session, complete with a personalized post-session continued healing program custom made for your needs, check out the Accelerated Healing option.)

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