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Love Between the Lines

Love Between the Lines


"On healing, and past life recall. On Lost Twins and Twin Flames. On faith, and life, and the gamut of love – from abusive to Divine.

This is living.

Welcome to my beautiful life."


This book is testimony to a life lived between the lines of time and dimension. It is the story of Love, from the unhealthy to the healthier to the highest form of love... 

It is my story. 

As you read this book, you will find yourself inside a matrix, an intricate web that is life itself. The words and lines of this book will take you on a journey inside that matrix...a taste of what it means to be living between the lines. To be seeing the Truth as life unfolds in front of you, and yet know this is how it existed all along. 

Telepathy, connection, healing. Abandonment ,separation, and torment. 


Welcome to my life. 

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    Upon purchase, you will receive a digital copy of this book. Please respect the author's product and use this link for your private use only. We appreciate your patronage.

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