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Magenta Orchid (Clear & True Expression)

Magenta Orchid (Clear & True Expression)

Magenta Orchid’s gentle energy clears tension from the mouth/jaw/voice box, allowing for clear and true communication. When one takes Magenta Orchid, they find they must speak their authenticity clearly, and are not worried about how they will be received. 
Throat Chakra energy is cleared with this powerful yet gentle essence, encouraging you to find your voice and speak your truth with ease and grace.
  • Details

    The inner petals of this flower form what looks like a mouth open to speak, with larger petals surrounding and protecting it. Magenta is the color of harmony, as it blends the violet of the Crown Chakra with the red of the Root Chakra, providing a deep balance of the whole energy system. Encouraging clear and true speech is a natural byproduct born of and necessitated by this balance.
    The only essence of the Beit Roga range made from a flower that grew outside of Israel. The flower was brought here and her essence was bottled here in Kochav HaShachar.
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