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Magenta Rose (Unconditional Love)

Magenta Rose (Unconditional Love)

Ah, Magenta Rose. She is the star of the Beit Roga range. Love and nurturing, like a warm embrace from your Grandma, she is the warmth of the sun inside your heart. 
Love is the balm to cure all ailments, and so Magenta Rose is the essence to cure all things. She is, on her own, the “Rescue” of the range. Endless love and support gives fruit to all great things that shine and radiate with warmth and sunlight in this world. That is what Magenta Rose gives to you. Unconditional love, packaged to go straight to your heart.
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    Roses are the flower of love and nurturance. Magenta is the color of harmony and balance in the body. The bright sun center of this flower that glows in the daylight brings the healing rays of golden sunlight with this large dose of pure love to open your heart and make anything in your life possible.
    Heart Chakra Healing.
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