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Splendid Bindweed (Magic)

Splendid Bindweed (Magic)

More commonly known as Splendid Bindweed, this awe-inspiring delicate pink flower speaks of Magic. It is the energy that radiates out of her ball of a bush that is bright with spots of her small magical flower. For those who feel that life is not offering many special gifts at the moment, this beautiful essence opens your eyes to show you all the Magic that already exists daily in your life, all around you.
  • Details

    Balls of Magic pop up all over the dry, wheat colored landscape of Israel’s drier, desert climate areas. They look like a mass of tumbleweed with sparse stems growing at all angles to form a ball of a bush. The pink flowers dot the bush with brightness, lending a feeling of magic to the otherwise monochromatic landscape. Watching the way these extremely delicate flowers unfurl is a magical experience in itself.
    Heart opener – Heart Chakra healer. Opening one’s heart to believe in the beauty of life.

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